Parent Involvement is Non-Negotiable

by Ronnie Phillips


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This book is for parents who want their children

to become successful in the educational system.

Numerous research has been done to conclude that parents who are involved with their children’s education are building the foundation for a better educated child. This book has hundreds of successful strategies that will assist parents with educating their children. By applying the strategies in this book, children can reach amazing accomplishments. Whether your child is in pre-school or elementary school, the strategies in “Parent Involvement is Non-Negotiable” will provide the guidance necessary for them to become successful in school and in life..


Book Excerpt

HOW TO ORGANIZE HOME FOR SUCCESS:Thomas is a nine years old and he lives in a house that is very neat and well kept. Thomas has had household routines since the age of four. He keeps his room clean and takes out the garbage everyday. He has space in his home designated for his school work as well as a schedule for all of his activities. Thomas is well organized and is successful at school. His parents have very high expectations for him and he has lived up to most of their expectations as of this date.

Mary is eight years old and she lives in a household where the parents don’t believe in requiring their children to do much work around the house. They believe children should play and be kids. There is not a lot of structure in this household in terms of when to do homework and where and what time to go to sleep at night. Mary has a lot of toys, but doesn’t spend a lot of time keeping toys off the floor of her bedroom. Mary doesn’t really work at being a good student. She barely has passing grades and that is enough for her parents. Her parents believe she will mature as she grows older and her grades will improve. Mary’s parents were not good students when they were in school.

In which home would most parents choose for their children to be raised? Being organized at home is another one of the keys to success. Children being raised in a positive structured environment have a much better chance of being successful and being a productive individual in life. This chapter will show how being organized at home and teaching children how to be organized can contribute to success.

When I was coming up my parents required me to do work around the house, keep my bedroom clean and perform whatever other chores were needed. As a little boy, I helped my father paint the exterior of the house, wash dishes for a week at a time, cut grass, take out garbage, clean my bedroom on a regular schedule. Also, I was required to do my homework every night. That structure my parent provided for me gave me the foundation to be successful in life.

Parents need to structure their children’s life as early as possible for future successes. Being organized doesn’t mean that children can’t be children and play and do some of the things children do. But, it does mean parents will be involved in important decisions made concerning their children’s day to day experiences.

Foundations laid by my parents gave me the chance to become successful. Successful habits were developed because parents had high expectations. Good habits that are developed at a young age can carry children a long way. Some simple habits that should be in all homes are, what time to eat dinner each day, what time to do homework each day, what time to go to bed, what time to get up each morning and when chores should be done, to name a few.

As you can see, the examples we set for our children early on will determine how they live their lives. As children grow older one of their major examples will come from the parent’s home. In order for them to be organized, the parent must set the first positive example.

Parents should know that there may be a direct relationship between a clean, well-organized home and how much education and financial success children will achieve. Parents should always be looking for every advantage for their children, and if developing successful children is as simple as keeping a clean and orderly home, all of our homes should be clean. But, by no means am I saying that children must come from an organized, clean home in order to be successful. Children can learn in any environment, but an organized environment is more conducive to success.


About the Author

Ronnie Phillips

Ronnie Phillips is a former principal with over thirty years of experience in providing guidance to children, parents and the educational community. He is currently an educational consultant in the state of Michigan. He lives with his family in Michigan.

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