Secret Sexual Sins

Understanding A Christian's Desire For Pornography

by Fred C. Rochester


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Discover the Light that Will Lead

You Out of Your Most Shameful Sins

It’s destroying the lives of an astounding number of Christian men —and women. Yet most of us are afraid to talk about it. It’s pornography.

And if it’s invaded your life or the life of a loved one, you can’t afford to put this book down. Secret Sexual Sins tackles the problem of pornography addiction from a Christian perspective. Completely non-judgmental and biblically based, this accessible and comforting book breaks new ground in pornography addiction management by combining proven treatment techniques with scripture. And it does so with a personal standpoint that’s instantly relatable. You’ll learn:
• Why good men (and women) succumb to the allure of pornography — even when they know better
• What the Bible really says about self-pleasure — and its consequences
• Th e most important warning signs of a pornography addict
• How to draw upon the strength of the Lord to beat back the urge
• Recommendations for wives — what’s a woman to do?
• The truth about homosexuality and lesbianism

Whether you’re a man struggling with an Internet porn addiction, a woman who has fallen into pornography, Secret Sexual Sins has the answers from the highest authority — God Himself.

You can recover from this debilitating sin.

Let Pastor Fred C. Rochester show you how!


Book Excerpt

We are living in an age where the secrets of men’s heart are about to be exposed with even greater consequences than we have ever seen before. One way or another, it will be exposed. If discovery or exposure is to occur, it should occur when the husband fess up to the wife. When discovery takes place, loving, non-condemning pastoral support, targeted counseling, deliberate plans and prudent steps, must be taken to help the man out from relapses into dark places, never to return. It is my hope that we get a grip on ourselves by confessing our sins to one another that our sins may be blotted out. Get the help that we need and fight for our sanctification.


About the Author

Fred C. Rochester

Pastor Fred C. Rochester and his wife, Pastor Valeria Rochester, are the pastors of Prevailing Word Bible Church. Fred is a Navy veteran who received a license to preach in 1980 at Zion Baptist Church in Brooklyn. In 1987, he was ordained at Harlem Tabernacle Church of New York. After serving there as staff pastors from 1990 to 1994, the couple resumed the ministry of Prevailing Word Ministries, Inc. Fred and Valeria live in Pennsylvania with their daughter Sherylynne.

Fred Rochester is also the author of The Minister's Crucible

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