The Minister's Crucible

A Foundational Guide to Becoming a Leading Minister

by Fred C. Rochester


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“What we want to do is prepare you for the most rewarding experience in the world.” --Fred C. Rochester

In this book, The Minister’s Crucible, Fred C. Rochester shares insights that will help and guide you to being a leading minister. If you desire to preach the word of God, lead the body of Christ, win souls for the Lord, and minister all over you will find this book to be a helpful guide that will instruct, inspire, and prepare you for what is to come as a leading minister for Christ. Using experience and wisdom learnt from over thirty years of ministering and teaching, Fred C. Rochester, offers timeless principals that will help you change lives and minister effectively.

If you want to take the first step in being God’s leading minister then The Minister’s Crucible is for you. It is a foundational guide that has key biblical principals to guide you along your way, personal testimonies that will help you grow, and training that will equip you to be who God has called you to be. With so much information and insight you will be equipped and ready for what is ahead as a leading minister for Christ.

Are you ready to be God’s leading minister? Then, it’s time to begin The Minister’s Crucible.


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About the Author

Fred C. Rochester

Fred C. Rochester, a navy veteran, has been in ministry since he was a teenager. He, along with his wife, is the Pastor of Prevailing Word Bible Church in Brooklyn, NY, where the Word of the Lord is prevailing mightily. He has a unique calling in developing strong leaders and ministers and has shared his knowledge of ministry on television and radio. He resides in Pennsylvania with his wife, Valeria, and daughter Sherylynne.

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