Living the Law of Attraction and Enjoying a Serendipitous Life

Plugging into Source Energy

by Kathleen Mackenzie

Living the Law of Attraction and Enjoying a Serendipitous Life

Living the Law of Attraction and Enjoying a Serendipitous Life

Plugging into Source Energy

by Kathleen Mackenzie

Published Feb 12, 2009
236 Pages
Genre: BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / General


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If your first desire is spiritual and personal growth, this is the book for you. Learn how to plug into source energy and enjoy a life of joyful “coincidences” as you easily attract opportunities into your daily life. If you value joy, honesty, love, compassion, and spirituality, and you want to attract abundance and prosperity, this is the book for you. Do not, however, buy this book if you do not seek spiritual enlightenment or are not open to new paths toward spiritual growth. This book is not for those merely seeking financial gain. Living the Law of Attraction most certainly is the book for you if you desire joy and spiritual fulfillment. It contains exercises that will help you attract into your life those things you desire the most, using the energy of love, appreciation, and gratitude for life’s gifts.


Book Excerpt

A Word Before We Walk

This book is written as a direct result of the many hundreds of email messages I have received from readers who have read my original book “Not Manifesting? This Book is for You!” Of the many hundreds of emails I received, very few readers had experienced any success relative to manifesting their intention. The other common thread is that just about every person who contacted me had been educated in the Law of attraction for years but they were not experiencing success relative to deliberate creation. I thought briefly about sharing copy/paste excerpts from our emails with all identities protected, but I could not do so because I consider our email communication personal messages that should stay that way.

Another common thread relative to the email messages sent to me is that the vast majority of email messages were about manifesting money. Just about everyone who requested advice to manifest financial abundance desired to get out of debt and to reach out to help others. Clearly, the readers who contacted me are really nice people. I felt so badly that the majority of these really nice people were feeling as though they were failures and did not understand why they were having such difficulty in working with the Law of attraction. So many many people were following the law of attraction steps and manifesting nothing but frustration.

Interestingly, another common thread relative to email messages sent to me were the many requests for information and possible referrals for both psychics and energy workers. So, this book will include thoughts about psychics and energy healing and referrals for both psychic readings and energy healing.

This book is not a rehash of my first book, “Not Manifesting? This Book is for You!” I have read too many books that contained the same information wrapped in different titles and stories. This book you are holding is additional and deeper information. I hope to convey the importance of plugging into Source Energy.

You will read about some of my thoughts relative to the Bible, living a spiritual and spirit –filled life in addition to psychic experiences, energy healing and more extensive information on practical hypnosis.

“Plant a daisy in the desert and celebrate life”

Author Unknown

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