Living on the Edge

Life at the Montauk Point Lighthouse 1930-1945

by Henry Osmers


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A lifestyle that has since become legendary

The social landscape of Montauk Point comes ever more into focus through the deft pen of Henry Osmers. With passion and drama, "Living on the Edge" captures the people, places, and events that shaped Long Island's eastern tip in the mid-twentieth century.

-Elinor DeWire


About the Author

Henry Osmers

Henry Osmers was born in Brooklyn, New York and has worked as tour director at the Montauk Point Lighthouse since 2001 where he has entertained visitors with tales of its exciting history. He is also the author of “On Eagle’s Beak: A History of the Montauk Point Lighthouse”. Henry and his family reside in Shirley, New York.

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