On Eagle's Beak

A History of the Montauk Point Lighthouse

by Henry Osmers


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New York's First Lighthouse!

The Montauk Point Lighthouse has at last been given the thorough account of its history that it deserves. Henry Osmers has been a dedicated volunteer at the Lighthouse Museum for many years, and his love for the Montauk Lighthouse is evident in these pages. On Eagle's Beak provides a wealth of lighthouse lore; thoroughly researched and carefully documented, this is an indispensable source of information for those intrigued by the story of this lighthouse.

Natalie A. Naylor, Professor Emerita, Hofstra University

A history of Montauk Point Lighthouse is long overdue! Henry Osmers fills the void with a chronicle that is thorough and appealing. On Eagle's Beak details many facets of the Montauk story, from the settlement of the peninsula and construction of the light station, to the keepers who staffed it until automation and its modern day operation as a museum. Especially noteworthy is Osmers' coverage of Montauk Light's long struggle with erosion, a problem facing many lighthouses in the nation. This is an excellent armchair history that will add to any bookshelf. I'm confident it will send you to Montauk Point Lighthouse for a visit!

Elinor DeWire, Author of Guardians of the Lights and Lighthouses of the Mid-Atlantic Coast


About the Author

Henry Osmers

Henry Osmers was born in Brooklyn, New York and received his masters in history from CW Post College. He has worked as a tour director at the Montauk Point Lighthouse Museum since 2001 where he has entertained visitors with the rich history of Long Island’s most famous landmark. Henry and his family reside in Shirley, New York.

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