Roberto El Rápido

Rapid Robert

by Vicki Leary

Roberto El Rápido

Roberto El Rápido

Rapid Robert

by Vicki Leary

Published Oct 30, 2010
25 Pages
Genre: JUVENILE FICTION / Action & Adventure / General


Book Details

Discover your gifts… and use them well

This is the story of Roberto El Rápido, the charming, dual language children’s story of a delightful dog with very short legs.

Roberto cannot jump high, but he can run very, very fast. He runs so fast, in fact, that he sometimes gets into trouble because at such high speed, it’s easy for him to forget where he is going.

One day Roberto discovers how much of a gift his short legs and rapid nature really are and he becomes a true hero to his neighborhood.

Vicki Leary’s engaging tale shows young children how each of us are born with special talents and how we can use those talents to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

Written in Spanish and English, Roberto El Rápido is the perfect way to introduce children to another language or to strengthen existing bilingual skills early in life so the value of knowing two languages and two cultures remains with them for the rest of their lives.


About the Author

Vicki Leary

Vicki Leary is a first time author and a grandmother of six. She uses her imaginative powers to create an enticing tale from the real life adventures of the animals in her own life in order to teach young children values and demonstrate positive character traits.

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