La Historia de Kickapoo John (Spanish and English)

The Story of Kickapoo John

by Vicki Leary


Book Details

A New Life for a Lucky Dog!

When champion show dog Kickapoo John steps into the show ring one memorable Sunday, he sees the Keller family, and he knows he is meant to go home with them. The Kellers become his forever family as they discover that although Kickapoo John knows all about being show dog, he has a lot to learn about being part of a family. Told in both English and Spanish, this delightful story is the third of Vicki Leary’s dual-language series designed to expose children to a new language, and to give them positive messages they can use to learn about themselves and the world around them. Adults and children alike will be charmed by this story of a good-hearted dog who learns that the people who love you are your family.


About the Author

Vicki Leary

Vicki Leary is a grandmother of six who uses her imagination to create enticing tales based on the real-life adventures of her own animals. Her stories focus on teaching values to young children, and demonstrating positive character traits. She is the author of Roberto El Rápido and Roberto El Valiente.

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