Truck Driving

An Adventurous Career

by Georgie Ann Taylor


Book Details

Over the Road, Long Distance Hauling, Experience America

Traveling forty-eight United States and Southern Canada, long distance truck driving is an adventurous career. From experiencing UFOs in Arizona to the majestic, snow capped mountains of the Northwest, long distance team truck drivers live a dream many people never witness.


About the Author

Georgie Ann Taylor

Georgie Ann Taylor is an adventurous author who has led many lives throughout her lifetime. She has been a long-distance team truck driver, traveling East Coast to West Coast, including all forty-eight states and Southern Canada. Georgie has owned a lawn care and home remodeling business. She has been a homemaker, professional cake decorator, floral designer, and contractor building her own brick home. Georgie is as comfortable wielding a chain saw as a spatula. She chooses to live off the grid in a quiet, sleepy, country town with her best soul mate friend, two adorable morkies, two protective German shepherds, and two loving cats.

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