At My Tennessee Mountain Home

by Georgie Ann Taylor


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Meth Money Pays for Vengeance

I want to make people aware of the need to thoroughly research an area for crime statistics before moving into an unfamiliar area. After moving to this place, I discovered that many people in this county and the surrounding counties knew about the crime and lack of protection from the law enforcement. Because I did not spend time finding out more about the place where I chose to retire, I paid in tears and fear for weeks, months and even years. I still worry what these unstable evil people will do in the future. I do not know if I will ever feel truly safe again.


About the Author

Georgie Ann Taylor

Georgie Ann Taylor is an adventurous author who has led many lives. She has been a homemaker, professional cake decorator, floral designer, team truck driver, small business owner, and contractor. Georgie lives off the grid in a quiet, sleepy, country town with her best soul mate friend, two adorable morkies, two protective German shepherds, and two loving cats.

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