America: Third World Superpower

by Christopher Pollard


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Wake Up, America!

The American Dream has become the American Nightmare! Remember when America was made-up of God-fearing, educated people who were happy, healthy, and not drowning in debt? (Neither do I) This book will wake you up to the reality that America is becoming a Third World nation. The middle class is disappearing, industry has gone overseas, education is a failure, religion and morality have been forgotten, immigration is out of control, and wars for profit have harmed a new generation. Some say the ruling class and financial elite have been engineering America’s decline for decades. Will the elite impose a police state that could be merged into a one-world government? Concerned citizens who care about their freedom and way of life should take steps to restore America’s greatness. The future depends on it.


About the Author

Christopher Pollard

Christopher Pollard is an attorney and author from New Jersey. He’s been writing comedy since he was a kid and is now one of social media’s favorite humorists. Check out his other title from Outskirts Press, Don’t Blame God For Religion.

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