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Michele’s dream of moving to the coast takes her and her family on a dangerous journey that will bring her to the ultimate fate.

Michele Bower had it all, a loving husband, two children, a family pet and a cozy little home in North Carolina. She had been suffering from chronic sinus infections for a while. The beach had been the only real relief she could find. The mall she was working for had locations all up and down the east coast. Searching their website, she found a job that she qualified for in West Palm Beach, Florida. Just for fun she decided to apply and she lands the job. It was like a dream come true. She loved the beach and she wanted more than anything to fulfill this dream. The ocean had been so peaceful to her since she was a little girl. She grew up loving the ocean more and more. She found the peace in the crashing of the waves and the beauty of it all. But the decision she makes, changes her whole life. The Journey it leads her on and the Danger she faces was not expected. She meets up with a guy named Buddy Jackson. Will he be able to protect her and her family from what they are about to face? Then Fate throws something her way that will change her life even more. Will she be able to overcome all this and still have that same love for the beach? Even more important will her family survive through this and remain unchanged.


About the Author

Lorna Paige

A lifetime of trips to the ocean and my own love for the beach inspired me to write my first novel about the coast and a second book to the same story will be coming out next. Using family members to inspire some of the characters makes it all seem real. Not only getting to publish my first novel in 2020 but my first grandchild was born as well. A granddaughter name (Bea). I reside in Hendersonville, North Carolina with my husband and our boxer (Deno).

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