For a Purpose

Book Two - The sequel to: The Purpose

by Lorna Paige


Book Details

Go with Michele into the second book of the series to The Purpose and reveal the answers to the nightmare that still haunts her.

It is Michele Bower’s third year living in Palm Beach County. Surrounded by this great circle of friends that’s like family to her and her own love for the beach makes it all seem perfect. The first year in Palm Beach County her family goes through a hurricane that’s leads to unexpected danger. Then Fate sends her a special gift, Emily, the purpose for all her pain. Not knowing that this would be her most challenging year of all living here in Palm Beach County. She is looking forward to another great year on her beach. She will face more danger than she ever expected. Things she thought were behind her were more dangerous than before. Will Buddy Jackson get there in time to save her? Still haunted by the guy that raped her will that change her mind about the beach? Will this nightmare ever end that still haunts her? Will this guy ever pay for what he’s done?


About the Author

Lorna Paige

I am very excited to finish this two-book series of my own love for the beach. Based on a girls love for the ocean and how one decision can change your whole life. Some of the characters used to make this heartwarming family- based series are real and very special to me. I am very pleased to publish my second book in 2022 and get my second grandchild. This time a grandson named (Abe). I reside in Hendersonville, North Carolina with my husband (David) and our boxer (Deno).

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