The Most Valuable Treasure

by Sally H. Taylor


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For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also!

Selfishness and greed are caused by fear. Sharing helps release us from these fears, and offers us the freedom to love ourselves as well as those around us. The cycle of fear in this story was broken as the little old lady reached out to help another. The remedy to the old lady's selfishness was love, for love casts away all fear.


Book Excerpt

The little old lady rushed to her closet and pulled out a very large chest hidden beneath the clutter.

Then something happened, both odd and delightful. The more treasure she gave away the richer she seemed to feel.


About the Author

Sally H. Taylor

Sally H. Taylor's first book "The Magic in You!"was nominated for the 2007 EVVY Awards. Her life's experiences have taught her valuable lessons about faith, love and a positive self image. She uses a delightful blend of experience, talent and imagination to illustrate for other authors as well as herself. "The Most Valuable Treasure" is her second work, sure to prove even more successful than her first.

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