The Magic in You

by Sally H. Taylor


Book Details

Within every wildflower a rose is waiting to bloom!

Unless we learn to love ourselves we will become slaves to the opinions and judgments from others. A healthy self-image, on the other hand, will bring peace to our souls during life’s most difficult struggles. This children’s story demonstrates the struggle to live a victorious life. For, in the end, this frail little flower is strengthened as she builds her faith on the foundation of love and forgiveness. The magic discovered by this delicate little flower is not only her story but my story too. Perhaps it is yours as well!


About the Author

Sally H. Taylor

Through Sally Taylor’s own trials and triumphs she has come to believe in the power of faith, love, and forgiveness as key objectives in her personal pursuit of happiness. Life’s experiences have taught her valuable lessons which she has come to identify as deep-rooted convictions. She feels certain that these convictions are necessary in the pursuit of peace with one’s self. Using a colorful blend of experience, talent, and imagination she dedicates her convictions to the future generations. “The Magic in You” is the first in a series of recent pursuits, with work progressing quickly on the follow-up.

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