The Mansion Stories

by James M. Garrett


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Stories to Touch Your Romantic Soul

“Names, dates, and places change, but concepts remain the same,” has been the philosophy of James Garrett for many years. Everlasting love shared through the centuries is one of those concepts. The time in history, or the location, does not matter. There may be a focal point, for example a mansion. Though the mansion is immobile, it is a connection point for everlasting love which is shared through the centuries by individuals and groups.That concept is revealed within The Mansion Stories. In his second novel, a collection of three unique yet connected stories, the award-winning poet has woven his poetry within the prose to fully reveal the feelings and emotions of the characters. The poems add texture to the loving narration. This technique is a departure from his earlier novel, which was made up of many “letters” written about love connected to the City of Benicia. But, he still continues to write based on experiences he has had throughout his life. In The Mansion Stories each story is an adventure unto itself but the thread of love flows through them all and ties them together. The author’s first novel Benicia and Letters of Love continues to reach hearts. If you enjoy enchanting stories of love, you will want to read The Mansion Stories. Perhaps it will touch the romantic soul in you.


About the Author

James M. Garrett

James Garrett was born in Santa Rosa, California. Shortly before he was five years old, his family moved to Benicia, California. He enjoyed growing up in the small town atmosphere. He attended local schools and graduated from Benicia High School in 1961. After serving four years in the U.S. Navy, he enrolled at San Francisco State University, graduated, and earned his teaching credential. He taught at Benicia High School for 27 years before retiring. During retirement he found enjoyment in writing stories and poetry. He has won awards for his poetry, some of which has been published and read around the world. He has been married to Roberta, who he met in their high school journalism class, for over forty years.

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