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A story of adventure, excitement, and love.

Anyone who knows of the connection held by “buddies”, “brothers in arms”, and those in love, will quickly grasp the concept and depth of Chief Salt. Early Reviews of Chief Salt “May I say, I felt as though I was part of the plot, as so much of the writing parallels my own experience. I, too, knew characters like those described. Great fun! The way the story is structured allows one to venture in and out. It’s a nice linked collection of short stories in a way which allows one to do just that. Well done (or “BZ” as we used to say).” – William Putnam, Rear Admiral, USN (Ret), former USS Abraham Lincoln Battle Group Commander* “Serving one’s country has a way of honing the virtuous traits in a man’s character and developing additional ones along the way. In his book, Chief Salt, James Garrett shows this to be the case. While actual men and women of the caliber described in this novel are not commonplace, I feel fortunate to have known several in my life. They are all of the Chief Salt variety.” – Anthony G. Davis, Captain, Pilot, USAFR (1985-1993)* “Chief Salt is a literary and poetic masterpiece. With both poetry and prose, James Garrett artfully tells an unflinching tale about hard lessons in duty, courage, love, and loss. With humor, wit, and incredible intensity, Garrett’s characters come to life. Chief Salt is an outstanding novel!” – Micah Larripa, Captain, USMC, Iraq Combat Veteran* “The writing from each character’s point of view is incredibly human. I know who they are, and where they come from. I loved how James Garrett brought their past into the present. He presented them with honest traits, both good and not so good. The poetry makes the characters come alive. The pause brought on a moment to reflect. I akin it to the music or soundtrack in a movie during a background scene. As an Army wife, though my husband is not in the Special Forces, I read this with a compassion for these men. I have the understanding of their love for Country, and the institution that protects it.” – Tiffany Johnson, 1st Lieutenant, Nurse, US Army, (Active Duty 1998-2002)* *Reviewers’ comments are made in their personal capacities and do not reflect official endorsement by the Department of Defense or any component thereof.


About the Author

James M. Garrett

Following his discharge after four years of honorable service in the Navy, James Garrett completed his college education and earned a Lifetime Secondary Teacher’s Credential. His three years, one month, and eighteen days of Navy sea/foreign duty helped provide the basis for Chief Salt, his third novel. He is an award winning poet with many of his poems having been published in Leatherneck, The Magazine of the Marines, anthologies, and local newspapers.

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