The Love Trap

On My Mother's Grave

by Vera Steppeler


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The Love Trap (On My Mother's Grave)

Bianca seems to have it all: Beauty, Health, Family, a successful Career – So why is she crying ? A short note from a younger co-worker informing her of his upcoming marriage makes her realize that she is in love with him instead of her husband. . . . and at this moment her whole life changes from contentment to turmoil. The story begins with a flashback to the hardship of being a teen girl in post-war Germany, and continues, alternating between her romance with her American husband, and her growing involvement with the younger Frederick. In a surprising twist she finally realizes who the love of her life is. But - will it be too late for her decision, or will she finally find peace?


About the Author

Vera Steppeler

Writing has always been an escape for Vera, but this is the first novel she has published. She has lived in Germany and Canada, but America has been her home since 1964. Bianca’s story is thought-provoking to the end, giving readers an opportunity to reflect on their own life-choices.

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