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The Horse Murderers: A Riveting Account Based on the True Story of the Slaughter of Wild Mustangs in the Nevada Deserts

Can Shelby Harder, the pretty new detective for the Carson City Sheriff’s Department, solve the mystery of dozens of murdered mustangs? Who would be capable of such gruesome, wholesale slaughter, and where are they hiding? A full cast of Nevada characters unwinds as Shelby tries to find the culprits and overcome prejudice within her department, along with an unexplainable hatred of animals on so many levels. Facing opposition at every turn, Shelby has a daunting task ahead of her, and the lives of wild mustangs are at stake. The Horse Murderers is an intense study on the plight of the wild horses of the American West and their struggle to survive, and a beautiful portrait of the love shared by these wild horses for each other and the people who try to protect them. Set against the backdrop of the wild state of Nevada in the eighties, the novel features glamorous showgirls, greedy gun dealers, and daredevil helicopter and hang-glider pilots going to extremes—all hoping to claim their share of the Nevada Dream.


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Craig Beck

Craig Beck lives at Lake Tahoe, California, with his wife, Cindy. They enjoy skiing, surfing, hang-gliding, tennis, ice-skating, horseback riding, and flying sailplanes. Craig has attained the highest level in hang-gliding, a Masters rating, and is a Life Member and Charter Member of the United States Hang-Gliding Association with over 2,600 hours of logged flight.

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