The Darkness And The Light

by Melissa Burke


Book Details

Even in the darkest of places there is light

Bipolar disorder simultaneously gives you both an amazing and a terrible outlook on life. This is a book of Melissa Burke’s personal journal entries as well as some poems, written over the past few years. The goal is to shed light on mental illness for people who don’t understand it while at the same time reminding those who do suffer from it that they aren’t alone. This is also to show that even if you don’t have any mental illness, life can be a roller coaster. But things do get better. Perfect? No, never. But life doesn’t have to be perfect to become a beautiful journey.

A few people who made this book possible, my Kickstarter backers:
Brian Resnevic
Andrew Gonsalves
Jorge Mendonca
Holly Glen Gearhart
Nichole Burlison


About the Author

Melissa Burke

Melissa Burke (28) is the author of Poetry and Short Stories by a Bipolar Girl, It's Just One Of Those Days and 46.

She lives in Massachusetts with her family (including her 2 chickens).

To contact Melissa, visit her website .
Or you can find her on Facebook.

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