The Butterfly and The Bunny's Tail

by Joseph De Sena, MD

The Butterfly and The Bunny's Tail

The Butterfly and The Bunny's Tail

by Joseph De Sena, MD

Published Apr 06, 2007
60 Pages
Genre: JUVENILE FICTION / Readers / Beginner


Book Details

Can I Really Make A Difference In Someone's Life?

Mr. Bunny's tail has become stuck in a fence, and he needs help! Follow Alexandra, the Angel Princess butterfly, as she searches high and low for friends to help free Mr. Bunny from his tight squeeze. Can the tiny Alexandra really be the solution to her friend's problem? Read her story and find out!


Book Excerpt

“Oh, BOO-HOO, Alexandra! Won’t you help me?” Surprised, Alexandra answered, “I’d love to help you, Mr. Bunny, but what can I do? I’m just a little butterfly.” “Oh, BOO-HOO! BOO- HOO!” he sobbed, “I’ll never get free!”
Alexandra thought and thought. Suddenly she had an idea. “I
know!” she said, “I’ll fly off and find some help! Don’t worry, Mr. Bunny! I’ll be back soon!” And with that, she flew off the dandelion and into the garden. “Be careful, and hurry back!” shouted Mr. Bunny, watching her disappear behind the flowers.


About the Author

Joseph De Sena, MD

Dr. Joseph De Sena is a practicing anesthesiologist who lives and works on Staten Island, New York. Born and raised in Brooklyn, he completed both his medical school education and his anesthesiology training at the SUNY Health Science Center at Brooklyn. Married and the father of four, he has been writing on and off for some fifteen years, with works ranging from children's books to dramatic novels either completed or in progress. His children's works, initially written for his own children as bedtime stories, deliver strong moral messages to children of all ages. Concepts like self confidence and embracing others' differences are woven into each story line, and masterful illustrations by veteran artist Dennis Anfuso colorfully bring each tale to life. As a result, De Sena's books are a pleasure for both readers and listeners alike.

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