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What Will Happen to the Family Farm?

Ruthie has a lot on her mind these days. She loves her new friend Rachel, Fly Fairy Princess, but she is worried that Rachel may not be able to find her, because Ruthie and her family are going to the family farm in the country for a whole weekend. But there’s more—she’s heard that her family may lose the farm! Determined to enjoy every moment that she can, Ruthie explores the pink frog pond, where she almost sits on a new friend. She learns about her special gift—she can talk with the water creatures! Meanwhile, the other family members are having adventures of their own. Ruthie’s mother discovers that someone is cutting down the pine forest. Will she and Mr. Chad, a friend of the family, be able to figure out what’s going on? And will Ruthie’s sister and brother, Pollyanna and Edison, stay safe in spite of the dangerous plans they’ve cooked up? The second book in the Barber’s Daughter series will leave you eagerly anticipating Ruthie’s next adventure!


About the Author

Ruth Berkowitz

Ruth Premo-Berkowitz was born in Constableville, New York. She grew up in the city of Rome and visited her family farm every weekend. She loved growing up on the farm, learning the cycles of planting and harvesting, and enjoying the neighbors’ animals. Ruth has been writing since early childhood, keeping a journal to record the adventures of her large family, as well as keeping track of the twists and turns of her life’s journey. Ruth’s creative talents include throwing pottery, painting, and stained glass/fused glass. She is married with grown children, and grandchildren who bring lots of love into her home. The Barber’s Daughter books are based on Ruth’s experiences growing up in New York.

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