The Barber's Daughter and the Little Window: Book One

by Ruth Premo-Berkowitz


Book Details

An Unexpected Loss Brings an Unexpected Friend

Ruthie loves life on the farm with her parents—she adores the animals, the garden, and the freedom of country living. But one day, Ruthie finds out that her family is moving to a small apartment above a butcher shop in the city of Rome, New York. She doesn’t understand why, but even worse is the fact that her dad, Charlie the Barber, won’t be living with them anymore. Even though his new barber shop is right across the street, he’s living with his new family across town. Lonely and confused, Ruthie doesn’t know how to adjust to this change…until she unexpectedly meets a new friend. Rachel isn’t just any friend, though—she’s a fairy, and she’s ready to introduce Ruthie to worlds she’s never dreamed of. Together, they experience their first adventure: a journey to the Magical Musical Kingdom of King Charles. Based on a true story, this is the first book in a series sure to become a family favorite.


About the Author

Ruth Premo-Berkowitz

Ruth Premo-Berkowitz grew up in Rome, New York. She has been writing since she learned to spell her name when she was four years old, and kept many journals describing her family’s adventure on the farm and in the city. Ruth is married, with children and a few grandchildren, and she has a degree in Specialized Business/Paralegal. In her spare time, she enjoys throwing pottery, working with stained glass, and crocheting. Ruth loves animals, and currently has two dogs, an elderly cat, and five chickens.

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