Soft And Gentle

--A Remembered Prose

by James A. Hunter


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Life, love, beauty, nature, hardships, happiness…what else is there?

A simple walk in the woods with solitude may not solve problems, but it may help to put those problems into a more reasonable perspective. We may discover that the hidden beauty of nature and love can help realign our attitude and help us realize what is really important in life. The happiness of love may be more greatly appreciated, while the sadness of love may be more easily handled, and lessened, by realizing that time can be a valuable friend. The fullness of life is not realized so much by the circumstances that we encounter, but rather by our attitude and response in dealing with those circumstances. The simplicity and pureness of an innocent wildflower in the woods can help dampen and soothe the effects of even the most severe stresses that we encounter. Taking time to enjoy the beauty of nature can amplify the meaningfulness of nearly everything in life. This heartfelt collection of prose can mellow one’s heart as it addresses life, love, beauty, nature, hardships, and happiness. Pause to share and enjoy this unique straightforwardness in exploring the soft and gentle aspects of life.


About the Author

James A. Hunter

James A. Hunter grew up as the youngest of eleven children in the rural community of Metamora, Indiana. The family’s livelihood depended upon everyone contributing to the raising of a garden, picking berries, raising crops, and tending livestock. Although taking nature for granted during his youth because of having to constantly work with it, Jim’s adult years have been spent rediscovering nature and enjoying it. Later owning much of the valley where he grew up has added that extra personal touch that shows in his writing. Combined with the discovery and subsequent loss of love, Jim’s writing is very much heartfelt.

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