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Messages of Love

Rowlf ‘s fur was a magnet for burrs, seeds, twigs, and feathers. Frequently feathers appeared on him or near him as he walked in the neighborhood. It made every walk an adventure to see how many feathers he would find each day. It was the feathers that became a way of communication between Rowlf and his family years later. Rowlf’s feathers even helped to bring Jingle into the family and brought hope in times of trouble. Feathers still play a role in Family/Rowlf communications to this day. Do dogs send messages of love from above? Do found feathers have meanings? I am sure you will say yes to both questions by the end of the story.


About the Author

Anne Tenaglia

Anne Tenaglia is a retired teacher who has been a dog lover and a bird watcher since childhood. Perhaps it was inevitable that she combined both interests in this true story, her third book. Anne volunteers as a Humane Educator for her local SPCA, speaking to schools, camps, and community groups about the no-kill shelter’s programs and goals. Through the years she has adopted 8 dogs. Jingle is her most recent canine family member, recommended by Rowlf’s feathers.

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