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Jingle, Rescued by Love

One day, twelve fighting dogs were rescued from a dogfighting ring and brought to the shelter. They were injured, confused, and looking for a gentle hand. This is the story of Jingle, who joined our family as a medical foster dog. He went through six weeks of daily vet treatments, destroyed all the different cone collars we tried, ate the door jamb and a pillow, got out of his locked crate, shredded a $5 bill, but amazingly never barked, growled, or threatened anyone. Two months of fostering turned into eleven months when the court case dragged on into the following year. Somewhere along the way, Jingle learned to love and trust, chose us for his family, and wormed his way into our hearts. He has changed from an anxious, cowering dog into a fun-loving, confident one. We’ve learned a lot from Jingle, too. He taught us some valuable lessons about the true nature of pit bulls and how fighting dogs can be rehabbed with patience and love. This is the story of how that happened, how Jingle went from fighter to lover, Rescued by Love.


About the Author

Anne Tenaglia

Several days a week, Anne can be found working the SPCA information table, bringing adoptable dogs to community events, or speaking to schools and Scout groups about the SPCA. A retired teacher, she and her husband live in West Chester, PA with Jingle who keeps them healthy by walking 4 miles a day. This is her second book, the first is It Wasn't in the Lesson Plan, a memoir about her 37 years teaching in Philadelphia

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