Rock Springs Revenge

"The Chinese must go!"

by Dell Isham


Book Details

Wyoming Territory, 1885 . . . Racism, labor strife, and corporate greed, set the stage for an explosion

Cub reporter, Clinton McGregor, is sent to Rock Springs, a violent frontier coal camp, to report the news. He soon learns that the Union Pacific Railroad, the Knights of Labor, and the huge Chinese community vie for power and influence. They will use any means necessary to gain control. Clinton, at first easily intimidated, becomes brazen, but meets with ethical dilemmas. His Hispanic barmaid girlfriend gives him encouragement and support, as well as inside information.


About the Author

Dell Isham

Award winning author DELL ISHAM brings a lifetime of experience to his writing: with a masters degree in history, as an intelligence officer in Vietnam, as a teacher, senator, mayor, lobbyist, and director of statewide organizations in Oregon and South Carolina. Today Dell makes his home in Oregon and Florida.

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