Knights of Gold

Battle Over the "Lost" Confederate Treasure

by Dell Isham


Book Details

The Search for the Confederate Gold

THE KNIGHTS OF THE GOLDEN CIRCLE Secret financiers of the Confederacy Will kill anyone who tries to take their treasure But that doesn't stop people from trying This thriller takes the reader from Oregon, to South Carolina, to Florida, to the resorts of Grand Cayman Island, and to the jungles of interior Brazil History buffs have long wondered, what happened to the Confederate treasury at the end of the Civil War? Two Oregon legislators track the clues to South Carolina. They not only have to capture it, but keep it.


About the Author

Dell Isham

DELL ISHAM,the winner of the 2009 South Carolina Fiction Project, offers readers his fourth book. His degrees in history from Weber State (Utah) College and Colorado State University, combined with his thirty years of political experience, bring realism to this historical and political thriller.

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