Puerto Rican Love Stories

by C.P. Florez


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Lust Romance Seduction Betrayal Human Frailty “. . . he was free—until he met Priscilla. Deftly, Cupid’s arrow pierced his heart. Then the shackles of love and carnal desire imprisoned him for the very first time.”

Fanciful storytelling involves us in the lives of people who experience love, lust, and loss with pluck, humor, and tears. Young love, illicit love, and issues of class and poverty drive the narrative. The characters are exceedingly human—testament to the strength and failures of love in its many dimensions.


About the Author

C.P. Florez

A first generation American, the author was born in New York City to Puerto Rican parents. She has worked as an educator and created content for several websites. Always, she pursues a passion for travel, photography, and writing poetry. These days, she is working on a novel about paranormal psychology.

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