Nenadich Street

Poems and Passages

by C.P. Florez


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A Poetic Juxtaposition of the Earthy and the Ethereal

C.P. Florez writes about love, friendship, and resiliency, creatively unfolding a personal narrative within the rhythm of her poetry. She captivates the reader with an eloquent stream of feminine thought, a candid and intimate voice, wry humor, and a penetrating perspective on social issues. Journey the pathways of Nenadich Street: The passages resonate with raw emotion; the poems will move your spirit.

“See the vision of my love
Know the wisdom of my loins
Feel the winds of hope,
Soothe your heart
Taste the sky and touch the stars
Seek the shade of my shield
Fly on the aegis of my spirit
See the eye of my heart
Through the window of my soul.”

Free verse, lyricism, gritty girl raunchiness, and provocative social commentary—all reside on Nenadich Street.

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