Only a Soldier Understands: Every GI’s Reflections and Reminiscences of Military Life

by Clay Lifto


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Invaluable Insight Into Your Military Experience

Nobody understands what it feels like to be a soldier…except another soldier. In Only a Soldier Understands, Vietnam veteran Dr. Clay Lifto examines his early days in the Army, sharing feelings and milestones that are universal to young men and women entering the military and finding their identity. This book takes a look at the deeply personal journey of a new soldier. It’s about family back home, and gaining their respect. It’s about living far from home and feeling lonely. It’s about good and bad bosses. It’s about successes and failures, excitement and frustration. But most of all, it’s about gaining insight and perspective about your life-changing experiences. Told in a series of short anecdotes full of humor and honesty, this book offers you the opportunity to compare and contrast your own feelings and facts, and provides questions designed to help you delve deeper, as well as compassionate advice from the best Commander of all. If you’re stuck in a particular place in your career, the Table of Contents can guide you to the section you need most right now. But each of the 37 stories has something valuable for you. Equally relevant to both the new recruit and the career soldier, Only a Soldier Understands gives you a mentor you can trust, and a colleague who’s been where you are.


About the Author

Clay Lifto

Dr. Clay Lifto, Professor Emeritus of Marketing and Management, has served at Kirkwood College since 1982. Among his many professional accomplishments, he has founded a property management company operating in three states, and established a college program focused on supervisory management. He holds a BS in business management, a master’s in education, and a doctorate in pastoral leadership. He also speaks four languages, and is currently pursuing his second doctorate, as well as an MBA in global management. Since 1993, Dr. Lifto and his wife Ruth have been involved with missionary humanitarian projects in Ukraine, where they have been teaching and helping to establish Family Centers for medical and dental care, clothing and food distribution, and personal counseling.

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