Only a Soldier Understands: Book 4: Vietnam

by Clay Lifto


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Only A Soldier Understands Book 4: Vietnam

Clay Lifto knows what it’s like to be a soldier. In Book 4 of Only a Soldier Understands, he branches out into a new phase of his military experience, past the Middle East, and into deployment…in Vietnam. In 38 short anecdotes, Clay explores not only the physical realities of deployment, but also the emotional and psychological growth and challenges that come from experiences ranging from being under fire from the enemy to discovering a disheartening need for dental work. Money management, a last visit home, a girlfriend, R & R in Australia, homesickness, and fear and panic in combat are all discussed with Clay’s trademark warmth and candor. The topic of Vietnam vets’ horrible homecoming is a particularly important piece of Book 4. As Clay’s stories bring back memories of your own experience, each anecdote ends with a series of thought-provoking questions designed to allow reflection on your personal journey. The Only a Soldier Understands series is for the new recruit, the career soldier, and the veteran. It’s for anyone who has served in the military—and they are great books to share with friends, to exchange stories and thoughts. You don’t even need to read this book in chronological order...the Table of Contents provides detailed guidance if you’d like to target a specific area of your career. And if you enjoy this book, go back and read Books 1, 2, and 3 in the series, and look forward to new books by Clay Lifto, coming soon.


About the Author

Clay Lifto

Dr. Clay Lifto comes from a military family: he, his father, his three brothers, and now his son have all served in the Army. PTSD among his friends and family is a familiar and continuous experience for him. In his career, he has founded a property management company operating in three states, and established a college program focused on supervisory management. He holds an AA and BS in business management, a master’s in education, and a doctorate in pastoral leadership. Dr. Lifto also speaks four languages. He is currently pursuing his second doctorate, as well as an MBA in global management. He has served at Kirkwood College since 1982, where he is now Professor Emeritus of Marketing and Management. Since 1993, Dr. Lifto and his wife Ruth have been involved with missionary humanitarian projects in Ukraine, where they have been teaching, and helping to establish Family Centers for medical and dental care, clothing and food distribution, and post-prison counseling. In Fayetteville, North Carolina, they help street people, especially vets, to find a better way to live.

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