Navigating Life's Journey

Common Sense in Uncommon Times

by Richard V. Battle


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Does it Seem Like Common Sense Has Vanished?

You’re not alone! How do we go forward?

Our journey in life is smoother and more fruitful when we leverage the wisdom and experience of others to help us navigate our journey through these uncommon times.

Navigating Life’s Course uniquely combines common-sense and optimism in an easy-to-read referable format. It will restore confidence in your beliefs, encourage you to defend them, and inspire you to teach your sacred values. It includes:

• 40 Proven Common-Sense Principles.
• 75 Inspirational and motivational quotations.
• 250 Examples of principle-proving people, places, and events.

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About the Author

Richard V. Battle

Richard V. Battle previously authored six books and has been a public speaker for 30 years on leadership, motivation, faith, sales, and volunteerism. He is a veteran of life’s battles, including his experiencing surviving an apartment fire, financial destruction, divorce, two heart procedures, cancer, and the loss of his only son. Reminiscent of Benjamin Franklin, Richard Battle is a master at weaving stories with wisdom, humor, and real-life experiences. Each story is a meaningful life lesson on its own. When combined, these stories serve as a powerful guidebook for achieving our life’s purpose without taking ourselves too seriously. – Susan L. Franzen - Managing Partner, Pattern Shifts, LLC

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