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Who are you?

You are divine and quite wonderfully made, with the ability to access all that life has to offer. The power you possess is limitless—but how do you tap into it?

The first step in attaining the life you desire is to recognize the magnificence of being. You may enjoy some of the benefits of being by default, but wouldn’t it be better to do so deliberately? In Being, you’ll discover how to recognize your power and strength, use your being for the greater good, and identify the thoughts and feelings that may be contributing to your current state. When you truly know yourself and how to use the ability to change your reality, there is so much you can control—and with this knowledge of yourself, you can enjoy an inner serenity. The power of your being changes everything and allows an understanding of all the universal laws. We all have a purpose, and knowing our being is the way for us all to fulfill our God-given purpose.

Also by Yaminah Futch