Musing Along the Ike

Contemporary Poems and Prose

by Nancy Sack


Book Details

Contemporary Poetry and Prose

Musing Along the Ike contains free verse poetry and prose with a rich array of figurative language, imagery, and narrative expressing universal concerns and everyday life experiences. Some of the poems and prose express a very serious tone while others convey irony, humor and joy. The writing selections address a multitude of subjects and individuals highlighting their stories. The poetry exudes the dual nature of life: the tragedy of loss and the beauty of hope. The poems also celebrate the indomitable spirit in the midst of struggle. Finally, some of the poems express the beauty of nature, a child’s playful spirit, the love of family, and the heroes of contemporary life.


About the Author

Nancy Sack

Currently, Nancy is a former English and ESL teacher at Schaumburg High School. She now devotes her time to writing and presenting her books in the classroom. Nancy has had several of her poems and prose published in national anthologies and literary magazines throughout her years of teaching. Currently, she is published in the National Council of Teachers of English Gallery of Writing. Nancy lives in Elmhurst, Illinois.

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