These Pandemic Days

A Message of Love and Hope

by Nancy Sack


Book Details

Contemporary Poetry and Creative Nonfiction

These Pandemic Days: A Message of Love and Hope is an inspirational collection of poetry, meditations and tributes to the everyday heroes in our lives. These healthcare providers, frontline workers and family members inspire others to move forward during the difficult days of the Pandemic. This book chronicles the recent pandemic days and the ordinary individuals who exhibit extraordinary measures of compassion, fortitude and love. The book also unveils meditations and reflections of divine care.


About the Author

Nancy Sack

Nancy Sack grew up in the Chicago suburbs where she taught literature and writing to high schoolers for thirty years. She savors literature like a rich cup of coffee, a daily necessity in her life. She previously has published Musing Along the Ike, a contemporary book of poetry and prose, and Puppies and Poems, a children’s book. Her poetry, prose and creative nonfiction have been published in literary magazines, anthologies and online magazines over the years.

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