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Joys and disappointments abound as Linden seeks her forever home.

Joys and disappointments abound for Linden as she searches for her forever home. As a little Airedale puppy, Linden wants nothing more than a loving home, one where she is loved by her owner and can demonstrate her love and loyalty in return. What begins as a promising situation when Linden is adopted by a lady whose house has a big yard to play in, soon becomes a disappointment. When Linden grows out of her adorable puppy stage, the owner loses interest in Linden and eventually gives Linden away to a grumpy old man. Though the grumpy man doesn’t really like Linden, he thinks she might entertain his preteen children. After a truck ride filled with uncertainty, Linden arrives at the grumpy man’s country home. Linden is excited to see the boy and girl and anticipates many hours of playtime with them. Once again, Linden’s initial feelings of excitement are soon dampened as the children spend very little time with her and, instead, leave her tied to a tree. Realizing that this isn’t what she wants as her forever home, Linden decides to free herself and run away, still in search of a loving owner. After fleeing and running and enjoying her newly found freedom, Linden finally finds herself in a town full of new sights, sounds, and smells. Most of all, the town is also full of new people, one of whom becomes the unbelievably loving owner that provides Linden her forever home. Illustrations by John Rodgers.


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Susan Rozgony, PhD

Susan has devoted her entire life to owning and loving Airedale Terriers while discovering all the joy, happiness, and excitement that they provide. Each of her seven Airedales enjoyed its forever home with her, and they all now reside in a special place in her heart. Promoting responsible pet ownership is a focus of Lucky Linden.

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