Linden's Lucky Neighbors

Cool Dogs with Really Cool Jobs

by Susan Rozgony, PhD


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Awesome dogs performing jobs that make our lives safer, healthier, and more complete

As shared in Lucky Linden, The Ride of My Life, Linden is a lucky dog because she found her forever home. More good luck has come to Linden because she now has five great neighbor dog friends who all have really cool jobs. The dogs serve and work in different ways - a diabetic alert dog, a nursing home dog, a search and rescue dog, a school companion dog, and a military detection dog. Linden describes each of her neighbors and explains how each different dog breed has instinctive traits that make it perfectly suited for the job it performs. Far too often dogs are not recognized for the extraordinary contributions they make to our lives. Providing that recognition and appreciation is the focus of Linden’s Lucky Neighbors.


About the Author

Susan Rozgony, PhD

Susan has enjoyed the love of canine companions her entire life. In recent years, she has worked with a professional dog trainer assisting in the training of diabetic alert dogs, search and rescue dogs, and law enforcement K-9’s trained in apprehension and detection. The purpose of Linden’s Lucky Neighbors is to raise awareness of the importance of the jobs that dogs perform.

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