Life's Daily Treasure

366 Doses of Hope, Optimism, Personal Growth and Encouragement

by Richard V. Battle


Book Details

Daily Inspiration to Lift Your Spirit to Navigate Life’s Journey Triumphantly

The vagaries of life challenge our happiness and inhibit the achievement of our aspirations. Sources that lift our spirits to propel us to ever-increasing heights are treasures, whether they be from family, friends, or works like Life’s Daily Treasure. These daily doses of inspiration help you to deflect negative news and maintain your focus on successfully completing your chosen mission. This volume will reaffirm your beliefs, inspire you to seek your dreams joyfully, and aid your example to others of a life well-lived.

It includes: 366 Daily doses of :

• Biblical Scriptures from 49 books
• National celebrations and Historical anniversaries
• Notable birthdays
• Motivational quotations
• Battle’s Bullets for action

This is the best investment you’ll make for your life because you’ll read it for all of your life.

Richard Battle has created a uniquely useful book for those of us who like a touch of inspiration with our morning coffee. "Life's Daily Treasure" is one part devotional, one part sage advice, and a third-part factoid. And it's all served up in an easy-to-digest format that's quick to read but offering ample opportunity for contemplation and journaling.
- Charles Besondy, award-winning author of Christian fiction


About the Author

Richard V. Battle

Richard V. Battle is the multi-award-winning author of eight books and motivational speaker on leadership, faith, and sales for 30 years. He is an experienced corporate executive and non-profit leader who serves organizations in an advisory role.

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