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The intimate details and challenges of a life well-lived.

After a long-suffering divorce, the journey begins. It will be a long and hazardous road strewn with the challenges of life. Sex, the caregiving and death of both parents, a sister’s suicide and two catastrophic medical issues – just a few turns on the path to maturity. God bless this baby boomer and be amazed at what a senior citizen can think or do. An erotic must-read for the young and a more important read for seniors feeling their mortality


About the Author

K. A. Zartman

Former furniture executive, artist, mother of three, grandmother of six, great-grandmother of one. Recovering from open heart surgery with time to reflect, memories from her past 50 years flooded into the long hours. A gradual build of courage to reveal such intimate details resulted in this book. K. A. Zartman invites you to join her on this epic journey.

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