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Distant battlefields continue to impede the relationship between Lars and Arlene.

The close, intimate daily life of Lars and Arlene persists in targeting the weakness hidden behind Lars’s blue eyes. He cries often, each time revealing more pain to Arlene. Revision surgery takes off more flesh from the limb Lars wants to keep, and a trip to Norway ends prematurely when the body of this Viking fails him. Arlene draws him to her and comforts a damaged soul. Will a long-ago war tear apart these lovers or guide them to freedom?


Book Excerpt

When we see him, Dr. Todd congratulates us on our marriage, then asks if both of us would be interested in becoming mentors for another PTSD group. “You are perfect to show support much needed by these men.” He takes us down to meet the group, and I revert to Nurse Arlene, talking softly and patting shoulders. Dr. Todd explains who we are and what Lars has been through, noting that we are now married.

Lars pulls up his right pant leg and says, “No leg, no hand, and I couldn't stand being around blood. This woman gave me my life back. I'm missing a few parts, but her love for me cancels that deficit.” Tearing up, he continues. “You'll see, and we will be back to visit with you and learn your stories.”

Dr. Todd thanks us and says, “Lars, you married the best.”

“Dr. Todd,” he responds, “I married the only one.”

We get home, and he brings me into his arms. “Come here, baby. I want to love you and thank you.” We make love, and Lars professes his thanks for saving him.

“I paid a high price for the freedom I fought for. You came along and erased the debt and gave me back everything I lost in Nam. I am whole, proud, and baby, I’m so in love with you.” Tears roll down my cheeks.

Freedom found.


About the Author

Katherine Zartman

As a Navy/Vietnam-era vet, the inspiration for the journey of Lars and Arlene came from a sign outside of a local VA hospital: The Cost of Freedom Can Be Seen Here. I have listened to thousands of vet stories over the years and share an understanding with these damaged men. Read this book and learn about the unseen damage that remains long after leaving the battlefield.

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