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Is it the cost of missing legs, arms or sight, or is it something more valuable…

Walk through the dark halls of our VA’s, filled with damaged men and the one woman who brings light back to their traumatic days and nightmare-filled nights. Arlene, a very experienced nurse, touches the lives of all she cares for. John, an armless vet in love with Arlene but unable to fulfill his dreams. Lars, another maimed vet, tall, blond, a damaged Viking, fragile, sensitive and falling in love with this sexual woman who knows his most intimate thoughts and body. Warriors stalled on distant battlefields and the woman who can stop the bullets with words of love and compassion.


Book Excerpt

“Anyway, the first time I noticed his collection of clothes, I asked him if I could dress him in his clothes. He got the biggest grin, and I walked over to him and he raised his hips so I could pull his underwear on and follow with sweatpants. It drew tears, and he said, 'It makes me feel like a man again.’ Can you feel his emotion? I always had a chocolate bar form him too, broken in small pieces he could scoop up with his mouth so that no one had to feed him. Yes, John and I had a special relationship. You have to when you have to wipe his butt after a bowel movement every day. He loved stupid jokes and told me I was beautiful and that he wished he had hands to hug me. A special man. Anyway, I saw his lawyer yesterday, and John acknowledged me in his will. Twenty thousand to me because he loved me.”

Tears begin to fall again.

“Such a wonderful man, but I feel guilty to take the money, so I am donating the entire amount to Wounded Warriors.”


About the Author

Katherine Zartman

"I wrote this book with a passion born from the years of listening to veterans and a desire to stop the bullets our words can produce. As the daughter of a WW II colonel, a Vietnam-Era Navy veteran, a mother of three, grandmother of six and great grandmother of one, I feel well acquainted with the problems veterans face and I hope my words will help readers gain a deeper understanding of the pain and trauma involved as vets transition back to civilian life.”

"I always want my words to convey to the reader the same raw emotions, frailties, love and tears my characters possess."

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