One Woman’s Story: Mystery of the Landfill

by Kate Herriott


Book Details

Harri: “It seems that I’m not your typical person. For some reason, I have been called quirky, sassy, unpredictable, and tenacious. Much to the dismay of the police, I have gotten involved in a crime or two that they were working on. Am I a hindrance or a help to the police? Do I find trouble or does trouble find me? You decide.” This is book One of the Harri Bedlington mystery series. Harri brings humor and drama into our lives. In this book, she begins full of life, and yet, before it is over, she. . .well, you must read the book to discover what happens to her. You will love Harri’s nosy neighbors and her brothers, the comedy team. They add merriment to this book. And, then there is Officer Bolen. What will you think about him? To keep up with Harri, keep your eyes peeled for “One Woman’s Story: A Spark of Mystery,” “One Woman’s Story: And Then There Were Twelve,” and “One Woman’s Story: Love With A Twist of Lime,” as they are published later this year.


About the Author

Kate Herriott

Kate has been writing something for most of her life: poems, newsletters, policies and procedures, she even wrote music when she was four. She taught management, marketing, psychology and accounting in college, was an Executive Director for a federally funded organization that covered counties in three states, she was approved by the Supreme Court of her state to Mediate court cases. Her interests are myriad. She volunteers to teach English as a Second Language to refugees and others coming to the United States. Recently, she broadened her scope by teaching a women’s bible study class.

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