One Woman’s Story: A Spark of Mystery

by Kate Herriott


Book Details

Harri is at it again. . .

Something life-threatening is happening in Harri’s city. It is affecting Harri and other people who she knows. Does she help the police with the solution or does her impulsiveness only cause more problems? Harri remains her quirky self as noted when she says, “It’s the kind of thing that happens when introverts try to act like extroverts.” We get to spend more time with Darla and hear more of her Darla-isms like someone being “. . . busier than a caffeine drinking woodpecker . . .” Join this fun group of people that you already feel like you know and help them solve this who done it mystery.


About the Author

Kate Herriott

Kate has been writing something for most of her life: poems, newsletters, policies and procedures, she even wrote music when she was four. She taught management, marketing, psychology and accounting in college, was an Executive Director for a federally funded organization that covered counties in three states, she was approved by the Supreme Court of her state to mediate court cases. Her interests are myriad. She volunteers to teach English as a Second Language to refugees and others coming to the United States. She also teaches a women’s bible study class.

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