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Few books will touch your heart like Just George, the true story of a small dog found limping beside the highway, scared, injured, and near death from starvation and dehydration. You will experience almost every emotion imaginable as George himself relates the events of the year that follows. The lasting results of his past abuse are evident, and you will feel his anguish as he struggles to overcome his fear of everything from fly swats, to closing doors, to human hands, and your heart will ache as he longs for his own “forever home” where he can feel safe and loved. Just George is a beautiful story which will be enjoyed by everyone from school-age children to senior adults, and when you purchase it, you will be helping provide for other homeless animals who so desperately want a “forever home.” Ten percent of the profit from Just George will be donated to The Hampton County Animal Shelter in Varnville, South Carolina, where the author’s picture was taken, as long as it remains under the current management.


About the Author

Ellen Deery Freeman

Ellen Freeman, retired science teacher, has always loved animals and has rescued many over the years, including a Pileated Woodpecker, several Mocking Birds, baby possums, and a baby deer, to name just a few. Her classroom always housed live animals, including snakes. In 2005 she and her husband, Buddy, remodeled and moved into her Grandmother’s 100-year-old home, fulfilling her lifelong dream of living in the country where she can enjoy nature to its fullest.

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