(Plus One)

by Ellen Deery Freeman


Book Details

The true story of the trials and triumphs in the life of “Duke,” as told by Duke.

Duke (Plus One), the sequel to Just George, which many of you have enjoyed, allows Duke the opportunity to share some of his life experiences, some good, some not so good, some funny, some sad, and to tell his side of the story where George is concerned. Much like an only child, Duke struggles with accepting a rival into the family, and his feelings of frustration will sometimes tug at your heart strings. Like Just George, Duke (Plus One) will be enjoyed by every animal lover from school-age children to senior adults. Be prepared for an emotional roller coaster ride as you read Duke’s story...and it would be a good idea to have a box of tissues on hand. You just might need them.


About the Author

Ellen Deery Freeman

Mrs. Ellen Deery Freeman, a retired teacher who taught at Ben Hazel, Brunson, Hampton, and Calhoun Falls Elementary schools, has rescued and loved many animals throughout her life. In 2005 she and her husband, Buddy, renovated and moved into her Grandmother’s 100-year-old house situated on 89 acres of land in the country, and adopted Duke shortly thereafter. As with Just George, Mrs. Freeman will donate ten percent of her profit from Duke (Plus One) to The Hampton County Animal Shelter in Varnville, S.C., as long as it remains under the management of Amanda E. Strickland whose love of animals is evidenced by the way in which she manages the shelter. Duke (Plus One) is Mrs. Freeman’s second published book.

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