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A Simple Act of Kindness – or the Touch of an Angel?

When Sandra lost her son in a tragic car accident, she could not have imagined the myriad ways that grief would affect her family, and everyone who had known Joe. The pain seemed unbearable, but gradually, Sandra learned that while nobody ever heals completely from the loss of a loved one, it is possible to learn to live with even the most unexpected loss. Sandra’s journey of healing was blessed by an angel given to her in the form of a friend who agreed to help her with a special quilting project … a project that ended up as a catalyst to unlock thoughts and feelings Sandra thought she had dealt with, but which she had only kept hidden. The angelic presence in Sandra’s family touched many lives, helping them to deal honestly with their feelings about Joe’s death, rather than covering them with the mask of day-to-day living. Join Sandra as she endures the unbearable … and as she begins to experience the miracle of grace, and comes to realize that we all walk through life with pain in our hearts, but when we reach out to ease the sorrow of another, we are given greater strength to bear our own heartaches. Joe’s Clothes is a lyrical, honest story of hope and healing that will make you more aware of the angels who offer comfort in times of need.


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Sandra Thompson

Sandra Thompson is the mother of five children. This book was written with the intention to bring hope and healing for herself and others.

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