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Come Sit on Jingle’s Bench

When Jingle arrived at the house, he was a nervous wreck. The only thing that kept him calm and happy was walking six to eight times a day. In a short time, Jingle had met all the animals in the yard, all the neighbors and became the best dog. He was the most famous dog in East Goshen Township! Come follow his walks and meet Jingle’s animal and human friends, including Bacon the Groundhog and Rosie the Cocker Spaniel. And don’t forget to stop and rest at his favorite spot, Jingle’s Bench.


About the Author

Anne Tenaglia

Anne Tenaglia is a retired teacher who enjoys writing in her spare time. She has written several Children’s Books about her pets—Jingle, All the Way Home and Rowlf’s Feathers. Anne has also penned a memoir about her almost 4 decades teaching in public school—It Wasn’t in the Lesson Plan. She enjoys volunteering at the Brandywine Valley SPCA, singing in a community choir, and going on walks with her husband and dog at their Pennsylvania home.

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