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Who knew a bad day could turn out like this?

What Liz expects is a normal day at work. Making pizzas, avoiding her short-tempered boss, trying to ignore the guy she’s convinced she doesn’t like... all part of her uneventful and boring life. What she gets instead is an unexpected nightmare beyond anything she could have ever imagined. Abducted by a violent man and trapped in her own personal prison, Liz sees no hope of escape. Then again there are a few twists - surprises that leave Liz shocked, in awe, and thinking that maybe she has a chance at survival after all.


About the Author

Melissa Burke

Melissa Burke (28) is the author of Poetry And Short Stories By A Bipolar Girl, The Darkness And The Light and 46.

She lives in Massachusetts with her family (including her 2 chickens).

To contact Melissa, visit her website .
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