Humanity In Peril

Current Conditions in Education Through Eyes of a HS Principal

by Rick Lasley


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Author Rick Lasley issues a rallying cry for public education through the lens of his journey as a high school principal. This must-read is an urgent call to action to address the needs and care for those teaching and leading our public schools today. There is no time to waste. – Rhonda Caldwell, CEO, KY Association of School Administrators


Book Excerpt

This book was published as an afterthought but is based on a compilation of journal entries of a veteran high school principal working through the Coronavirus Pandemic...

I made the decision while venting to my wife that this would be my last year in education (making a total of 32 years). I also decided that I would write this journal and make entries as often as I felt the need to reflect on experiences that unfolded for that day, or, just VENT... So, the journal took a life of its own and soon became more than just 'therapy' to get me through the year. After trends became apparent regarding student behavior and 'rock star' teachers feeling more overwhelmed than I had ever witnessed, it seemed that this journal may actually have a higher purpose than to simply provide me therapy. After tragic events had taken place at Apollo HS, after continued concerns with student absenteeism and the trouble we were having with our youngest students engaging in learning, I reached out to some of my most trusted educator confidants for advice and I sent them the 1st quarter journal entries to read.


About the Author

Rick Lasley

Rick Lasley started teaching MS/HS math at St. Romuald High School, located in Hardinsburg, KY, in August 1990. The following year he was hired to teach and coach basketball at Cloverport Independent Schools where he was given opportunities to lead at an early age. Through his experience as a young Athletic Director, he decided to consider administration. He earned his Principal Certification through his Rank I after obtaining his M.A. in Education through Western Kentucky University. In August 2004, Rick was hired as Asst. Principal at neighboring Hancock Co. High School in Lewisport, KY, and was named the Principal two years later. Before retiring as Principal of Apollo HS in Owensboro, KY, in June 2022, Rick Lasley had been a HS administrator for 20 years, completing 32 years in education. He currently lives in Hawesville, KY with his wife, Angela, and son Aaron.

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